Leap Day 2016

by Brittany Senseman, LPC-S

It’s here — that odd day that comes around every four years as the sum of quarter days in our calendar (which honestly doesn’t make any sense to me). So, why do I feel the need to write about this, you ask?

Well, I like the idea of adding time to our schedules! How often do we wish we had just a few more minutes or hours in our day? On Monday, we get to add an entire DAY to the calendar! It’s really a pretty amazing thought when you stop and think about it.

Now that you’ve taken a moment to consider this idea, take it a bit further and think about what you want to do with this added time. I realize Leap Day falls on a Monday, and therefore many of us will have to go about our usual Monday routines… But if we really think about it, I bet we can come up with some way to enjoy the extra time.

Is there a restaurant you’ve been wanting try? Or maybe an article you’ve been meaning to read? What about a friend that you keep missing? Even if you only have 10 minutes in your Monday that aren’t already booked up, those few minutes can be filled with something “extra” and give you a little joy.

Yes, joy is what this is all about. Just reading that tiny word does my heart good. How great is it that we have it in our power to create such a powerful thing as joy! Sometimes we are given joy through circumstances or the thoughtfulness of another, but we most often receive joy through our own choices and actions.

If you want more joy in your life, you’ll need to be conscious of the things that bring you joy and then go do them. Thank you Captain Obvious, right? Of course that’s how you get more joy! But how often do you think through what brings you joy? When was the last time you made a list of things that make you look up and smile? Let me encourage you to not only make this this but also to keep it in the forefront of your mind!

Now that you’ve made your list (I’m assuming that you’re compliant and have followed my advice), take some action! You’ve been given an extra day next week – what a perfect opportunity to give yourself some joy! Make your plans today so you don’t forget!

Leap Day 2016 is coming – how will you use your day?

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