Have a Healthy Halloween!

By: Aundrea Leven

Healthy Halloween

5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Remember that you do a great job all year long offering healthy foods.

Halloween and a few other holidays are only single days on the calendar.

The key to a guilt-free and fun season with your family is encouraging mindful eating and moderation.

  1. Plan Ahead

  The week prior to Halloween– Offer mostly healthy foods and try to limit sweets.

  The night of trick-or-treating– Offer a healthy meal/snack before going out trick-or-treating.

Never go trick-or-treating on an empty stomach!

  1. Family Plan

A few days before Halloween, discuss as a family, what will happen after trick-or treating. Remind them that parents will need to check the candy when they get home.  Then talk about what you plan to do with all the Halloween treats.

Idea: To encourage mindfulness, consider allowing the kids to pick out a certain number of their favorite candies (approximately 1-3 pieces per day). A great way to part with too much candy is to donate it to an organization such as the Operation Gratitude Halloween candy program which sends it to the troops overseas. Other options: senior center homes or “The Switch Witch.”

A good goal is to have all the treats out of the house 7 days after Halloween.

  1. Try a New Treat

Consider non-food treats: stickers, anything that glows in the dark, Halloween plastic jewelry, temporary tattoos, bubbles, etc. Healthy all natural snack ideas: cereal bars, peanut butter crackers, pretzels, juice boxes, fruit strips.

If you decide to give out candy, purchase the small bite-size sweets, preferably, something that you do not like to eat. This decreases the risk of eating the leftovers. Healthier candy options would be: any kind of dark chocolate, dark chocolate raisinets, “get unreal” chocolate, etc.

  1. Kid Size

Use a small treat bag or container for the kids to carry their candy.

  1. Play!

When it is safe, have the kids race to the next house or home to get them moving more while trick-or-treating. Since it’s a little cooler outside and they have consumed more sweets than usual, the kids should play more often.

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