Decluttering… For Your Health!

Jennifer Bartlett – LPC Intern

Most often, when we hear the word “decluttering” we tend to envision the scary, forgotten about corners in our home filled with bad gifts, decades old clothing, or old instruction manuals that we just know we will dearly need one day. On a day when we are feeling particularly brave, we may muster up the strength to clean out and categorize these forgotten items, only to find ourselves back in the same predicament in a matter of weeks. So if decluttering is a goal that continues to be important, why is it so hard to maintain?

I believe that in order to begin this process, we must replace the word “declutter” with the word “simplify.” By working toward a simplified space, rather than a space with less clutter, we are beginning to work toward a longer term, more sustainable lifestyle change. Strategically taking inventory of our possessions, time, relationships etc., can have real benefits for our mental health and overall well-being. Additionally, by shifting our focus to simplification, the action changes from focusing on what you’d like to rid yourself to identifying what you truly want to keep in your life. This process can often become a very personal journey and carry varying meanings to different people. However, below are a few ways in which simplifying your space can benefit your overall wellness:

Decluttering can reduce stress and anxiety.

Excess clutter in your life, whether relational, physical, financial or digital, can result in unnecessary stress and be an extreme energy drain. By taking an intentional inventory of how you are allocating your resources (either emotional or physical) in each area of your life, you can choose to exert your energy on specific areas that you have determined to be most important. This can help reduce stress with the comfort of knowing that you are wisely stewarding precious resources.

Boost self confidence

A crowded physical space can sometimes lead to feelings of guilt or shame. By simplifying your external environment and keeping only those items that make you feel your best, you can experience a sense of personal achievement and create a more rejuvenating and relaxing environment.

Improve concentration and focus

By eliminating the excess “noise” in our physical spaces, we allow ourselves the opportunity to focus more on the things that matter. When we are not distracted by growing stacks of papers or advertisements in our inbox, concentrating on single tasks becomes easier and we begin to develop a greater sense of mental clarity.

Makes more room for things that truly matter

When we are bogged down by the physical or emotional clutter in our lives, there is limited capacity for what we are truly seeking. By working to reduce the amount of unnecessary obligations, toxic relationships, and superfluous possessions etc., we begin to create opportunity for the things that truly bring us joy and purpose.

For more tips and specific strategies to start your journey to a simpler life, please reach out to Jennifer Bartlett, LPC-Intern at   Additionally, please plan to attend our new “Coffee + Connection” series addressing this very issue – see details below!

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